ecoRoute Consortium Kick-off meeting: start of the journey towards Smart UW Cultural & Nature Tourism

ecoRoute consortium kick-off meeting took place at ATLANTIS Consulting headquarters in Thessaloniki, Greece on the 31st of October 2023. The meeting was broken into two sessions, morning and afternoon. The morning session was dedicated to the overall project presentation, partners’ presentation, and the presentation of various financial/administrative issues of the project by the Project Coordinator. During the evening session, presentations of the WPs by the responsible partner for each one of them took place, while a presentation of EMFAF Flagship-5 sister project “TWINNED By STARS”, was made by Mr. Matias González Hernández (University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) in the context of the establishment of a potential synergy. Finally, the 1st Steering Committee meeting was held. At the end of the meeting, an action list until March 2024 was agreed.

On the next day (1st of November 2023), as a follow-on activity of the kick-off meeting, bilateral meetings among project coordinator and project partners took place, in order to address bilaterally any project issues (e.g. particular questions, needed clarifications, suggestions, plans, collaboration opportunities, etc).