3D Research

3D Research is an Italian spin-off Company of the University of Calabria that provides innovative technologies for Cultural Heritage. The company was founded in 2008 with a mission to develop digital and engineering solutions in ICT, especially in CGI, Virtual, and Augmented Reality, for the management and promotion of cultural and natural assets. 3D Research has considerable experience in the 3D digitization of terrestrial and underwater environments and aims to revitalize tourism attractions by enhancing visitor experiences using digital models and creative content such as audio and videos.

The team members at 3D Research are passionate about technology, cultural heritage valorization, and sustainable tourism. Their multidisciplinary approach has allowed the company to continue growing and establish long-lasting international partnerships. Currently, 3D Research offers services to art galleries, museums, and other public and private organizations by developing interactive activities and products that encourage visitor engagement. This can be achieved by assisting tourists in-situ with mobile apps, serious games, and digital storytelling, as well as ex-situ, by promoting cultural or naturalistic destinations through XR exhibits, virtual museums, and 3D reconstructions.

In recent years, 3D Research has also focused on the Blue Economy field, thanks to the participation to various research & innovation projects, co-funded by the European Union, providing innovative solutions, such as mechatronic tools, underwater AR, and immersive VR to promote the sustainable protection and exploitation of underwater cultural and natural heritage.