Aqua Prom Ltd.

Aqua Prom Ltd. is established since February 2001 and became an innovative underwater service  supplier.Commercial diving via offshore and inshore contracting has been our world for more than 20  years till now. And as an established underwater contractor Aqua Prom ambitious team is looking to expand company`s horizon.  

During our co-working experience as a contractor – Aqua Prom Ltd. has partnered with some  underwater contractors – Van Oord,Noble, Dutch Underwater Contractors, Subsea Global Solutions,  Nordfjord Dykkerservice,Total and more. Such partnership proves the successful results for our  mutual work. 

Aqua Prom Ltd. has on disposal qualified personnel and equipment, which could be mobilized within  the shortest times for carrying out various underwater activities.  

Our main focus is the compliance to the international safety standards for underwater works, when  building our qualified team. For complex projects, requiring synchronization of different teams and  expertise, we could be the polishing team for the underwater tasks. We are proud to announce that  our loyalty, extensive experience, competitive pricing and quality work are our reference points that  ruling our cooperative manner. 

Description on services which the Company provides:  

Aqua Prom Ltd. is specialized in doing of qualitative, high skilled underwater activity, conformable to  international standards for taking a part in variety underwater projects. The company disposes of  necessary technical and personal department for doing of the following Maritime and Diving  services:  

Ship Maintenance 

– Class register survey – Hull cleaning (Hydraulic Brush system) – NDT – Removal of foreign objects from propeller  – Cutting and welding with non-destructive methods. 

– Propeller polishing – Salvage 

– Seachest isolation 

– HP water blasting and cleaning 

– Thruster change 

– Dry dock assistance

Construction and Civil Engineering  

– Dredging works ( With or without diving assistance) 

– Underwater Construction and Demolition 

– Hydraulic or OXY-ARC cutting  

– Welding 

– Inspection 

– NDT underwater structures 

– Concreting 

– Excavation  

– Dewatering 

– Pipehandling  

– Pier repair and slipway restoration  

– Docking station repairs  

– DMA maintenance (Pontoons) 

– Confined space works 


– SPM monitoring and maintenance  

– Maintenance of Offshore Vessels  

– Inspection of structures  

Cleaning shell plating from heavy marine growth 

Azimuthing thruster exchange 

Certified underwater weld repairs  

Future Plans 

Aqua Prom Ltd. welcomes upcoming possibilities to participate in activities as a contractor or  subcontractor in worldwide inshore/offshore sector. Our experienced and qualified team could  entering in any projects by contributing to our quality and safety protected by us over the time. Our  staff and equipment are available for mobilization anytime.