Centre for Modern & Contemporary Archaeology Studies – Association CEAM, is a non-profit organization based in Madeira Island focused on the study and safeguarding of the Archeological Cultural Patrimonial Heritage from the Modern and Contemporary period.

CEAM develops projects of preservation and study of archeological patrimonial in urban regeneration projects for tourist developments and on projects of study, valorization, and dissemination of the Underwater Cultural Heritage. This association works on revealing the importance of Underwater Cultural Heritage as a tourism asset and a source of income for local economy. Our experience in Underwater Archaeology projects and the use of new technologies and techniques for recording and digitalization of Underwater Wrecks and structures in Madeira might be of importance for EcoRoute, as it can provide content for AR & VR Apps, making Underwater Cultural and Natural Heritage accessible to non-divers. The work carried out over nearly two decades has enabled us to create an extensive network of stakeholders, public and private, which can be an asset for the EcoRoute objective of regional stakeholders’ engagement.

CEAM can contribute to the creation of strategies, action plans, policy pathways, stakeholders’ capacity building and training workshop and also in the development of tourism package design, as a sustainability assessment of Underwater Cultural and Natural Turism in Madeira.