The Centre for Underwater Archaeology (CUA)

The Centre for Underwater Archaeology (CUA) is a National Cultural Institute, an independent legal entity on a subsidiary budget by the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria. The center is an advisory and consultative body to the Minister of Culture in the field of underwater archeology and UWCH. The main tasks of the Institute include the study, protection, communication, and management of underwater cultural heritage in the Bulgarian territorial waters and exclusive economic zone in the Black Sea as well as in the internal water basins of the Republic of Bulgaria. Currently the CUA is engaged in various activities in UWCH research and cultural resource management. The Centre owns three survey vessels (ship and two boats) equipped with modern geophysical equipment, full set of diving and research equipment and relies on an interdisciplinary team of experienced affiliated and honorary specialists, guaranteeing the realisation of a broad spectrum of scientific and technical maritime services. The Centre has been involved in numerous research projects, publishing of scientific publications, organization of international conferences, round tables, exhibitions.