Faial Island Sustainable Tourism Association (ATSF) is a non-profit organization formed by local companies and tourism professionals that operate in Faial Island (Azores). Founded in 2018, ATSF aims at promoting a sustainable model of development for tourism in Faial, one that contributes to preserving the singularity of the Azorean nature and culture. Currently ATSF has 70 associates and develops projects in areas like touristic promotion, education, nature preservation, history and heritage. Most of the activities promoted by the association involve local communities and civil society.

We are an organization composed of tourism companies and professionals and we can bridge the gap between the project and the companies, making sure that the objectives from both sides are aligned so the project can be a success in the field.

We also function as a think tank for sustainable tourism policies and practices and can bring together various stakeholders (public and private) to discuss and support the project and its place in the tourist offer of the destination.

In the area of environmental sustainability, we can also support the project regarding the calculation of environmental footprints (using PEF methods) in the activity tourism companies.

One of the major contributions of ATSF to the project is related with the design of smart eco-tourism packages for the participating Regions.These packages should address specific reality and needs of each participating tourism destination, valuing the diversification of the touristic offer based on their natural and cultural assets. Furthermore ATSF will also coordinate the testing of a UCNH Route that involves the various destinations participating in the project.

In the final stage of the project, ATSF will also play an important role in coordinating a roadmap that will stimulate and facilitate the implementation of EcoRoute outputs in areas with UCNH.