Outermost Region - Azores

The Sea Observatory of the Azores (OMA) is a technical, scientific and cultural non-profit association, based at the Porto Pim Old Whaling Station, on the island of Faial.

Its objectives are the dissemination of scientific and technological culture and the promotion of activities of interpretation and environmental education, within the scope of Marine Sciences, contributing directly for the implementation of SDG 14. (Learn more…)

Faial Island Sustainable Tourism Association (ATSF) is a non-profit organization formed by local companies and tourism professionals that operate in Faial Island (Azores). Founded in 2018, ATSF aims at promoting a sustainable model of development for tourism in Faial, one that contributes to preserving the singularity of the Azorean nature and culture. Currently ATSF has 70 associates and develops projects in areas like touristic promotion, education, nature preservation, history and heritage. Most of the activities promoted by the association involve local communities and civil society. (Learn more…)