Outermost Region - Martinique

The Association Archéologie Petites Antilles (AAPA) was founded in 2010 on the initiative of teachers and students with a passion for colonial archaeology or maritime history. AAPA is composed of 20 to 30 volunters historians, archaeologists, scientific divers.  Born of the desire to promote and develop scientific archaeology on land and at sea in the Lesser Antilles, AAPA focuses on coastal and maritime areas. (Learn more…)

DEEP TURTLE PLONGEE is a well-established diving center (recreational and Tek Dives) in South Martinique, welcoming divers of all levels and origins, 365 days per year. Nicolas PRIEUR, its director, is also the representative of the French West Indies & Guyana commercial structures to the French Federation. Since our creation 8 years ago, we have been already involved in communication of best practices with our divers, and the protection of our martinican under water biodiversity. We participate to different local programs such as identification and protection of sea turtles (nest tracking, turtle counting), helping with lionfish non proliferation, abandoned Fishing Trap Recovery Operations, and setting up clean moorings. Our center is also a training platform for the National School of Professional Scuba Divers which trains all biologists, scientists, cameramen, photographers, archaeologists… in the French West Indies in the requirements and safety of underwater work.(Learn more…)