Perifereiako Tameio Anaptyksis Perifereias Thessalias (RoT)

Perifereiako Tameio Anaptyksis Perifereias Thessalias (RoT) was founded at the headquarters of the Region of Thessaly in 1998, under Articles 53 – 56 of Law 2218/1994 and its amendments. From 01.01.2011  RoT  is under Articles 190 – 193 of Law 3852/2010 and it is supervised by the Greek Ministry of Interior, Public Administration and Decentralization. 

It is one of the 13 existing Regional Funds of Greece that were established at the headquarters of each state Region and it is a legal entity of the public sector governed by private law, that is administered by a nine-member Board of Directors, chaired by the Governor of the Region of Thessaly.

RoT operates in the public interest and among its main purposes are the management of credits under the Public Investment Program of funding provided by EU or other international organizations and foreign bodies, which relate to the regional and special development programs of the Region of Thessaly, the technical support of the Region in the field of studies and research and the participation in European Union programs.

RoT will utilize its extensive experience in implementing projects as the Coordinator of the BCThubs project. Specifically, RoT as the leading partner of Work Package 1 «Project Management» is responsible for the overall project management ensuring in the same time the effective execution of the project. Thus, RoT is involved in all Work Packages and most Tasks of the BCThubs project.