Skopelos Dive Center

The Skopelos Diving Center has a base on both the south (Panormos) and the north (Skopelo Town) side of Skopelos, while a third diving base operates in Alonissos within Zone B of the National Marine Park (Ikion Diving in Steni Vala). It is a certified Dive Center by PADI and recognized as a 5 Star Dive Resort, fully licensed by the Greek Port Authorities and insured by DAN Europe (Divers Alert Network).

With the supervision of experienced professional divers, reliable diving gear, and fully equipped vessels (two inflatable speedboats, a 4X4 pickup, and a 9seat Van), Skopelos Dive Center offers a variety of inwater activities. These include, Discover Dives for non-certified, scuba courses and training up to the first professional level, guided dives of various types (wreck dives, cavern dives, cliff dives, night dives) for all levels of certification, snorkeling tours either from the boat or the shore, boat cruises, and other water-based activities such as Stand Up paddle boarding.

Skopelos Dive Center provides diving training for both beginners and active scuba divers, from “Discover Scuba Diving” to all PADI Dive levels. It also organizes professional-level courses for recreational diving as well as Emergency First Response courses, for diving safely and responsibly in open waters. Skopelos Dive Center in cooperation with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the “Lifelong Learning Center”, supports operationally and ligisticaly the course “Introduction to the techniques and methods of Underwater Survey”. 

Skopelos Dive Center is also active in technology provision services in the fields of underwater photography, photogrammetry for 3D reconstruction and digitalization of Underwater Cultural Heritage sites, 3D printing towards zero waste and circular economy, in the support of archaeological underwater research, and in the valorization of underwater natural and cultural heritage of Skopelos, Alonnisos and in general of the Northern Sporades.

In addition, Skopelos Dive Center is developing cutting-edge underwater surveying methods applied to the research of modern and historic shipwrecks, partnering with the Underwater Surveying Team (UST) of the department of ‘’Rural and Surveying Engineering’’, of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Skopelos Dive Center also participates in several national and EU research co-funded projects ( about marine research, 3D mapping, marine litter, scientific diving, and the promotion of Underwater Cultural and Natural Heritage through dry diving experiences. Promoting environmental awareness, it also participates in the Dive Against Debris (newly renamed to PADI Aware) and the #zeroplastic initiatives together with NGO and other environmental organizations.